Monday, December 22, 2008


My conversation with Sadie today as we were shopping in Sam's...

Sadie: "Mommy, I want to see Jesus."

Me: "Oh, you do?!"

Sadie: "Yes! Where does He live?"

Me: "Jesus lives in heaven with God."

Sadie: "How to we get to heaven?"

Me: "Well, you ask Jesus to come and live in your heart."

Sadie: "Oh, okay..."

And then off she was to her next thought! :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our little Mary

Oh how I'm enjoying these days before Christmas! Sadie's little eyes have been sparkling as she's seen the lights and helped us decorate our tree... and she's been learning and embracing the beauty of the birth of Jesus Christ!

The best part about being two years old is that your imagination is still alive and well. I loved watching Sadie a couple weeks ago in Sunday School pretending to be Mary. She found herself a baby Jesus, got his bed all ready (with the "hay" and all) and drug around her little buddy, Sky, to be Joseph.

AND Just last night she had dressed up like Mary and picked out a baby from her cradle to be Jesus, but the part that sent Eric and I rolling... we asked her where Joseph was... she said, "I go get him." She runs (which seems to be the only mode of transportation when you're two) back to her bedroom and comes back holding the hand of her imaginary Joseph and says, "Yook at him." Does it get any better than this!?? Thank you Lord for these moments!

Please pray for the little Sadie today and she continues to learn about the love Jesus has for her. Pray for the day of her salvation and that we would not hinder her in coming to know Him!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sock it to me... or not

I LOVE the warmer months of the year... summer camp, swimming pools, fireflies, ball games, my birthday (and Sadie's & Cole's birthday, too)... but best of all... I'm ALWAYS WARM and I get to wear my fav... the flip flop... allowing the 'ol socks to be put to rest for awhile!

You see, I have nothing against the beauty of socks. In fact, I have a whole drawer full of argyle, striped, and polka dotted socks (which I've been trying to figure out how these fit into my wardrobe being that the new shoes of the season do not support sock wearing)... along with the plain jane footies that always slide off my foot when I'm sportin' my kicks.

It seems that we need to discuss the FUNCTION of socks, however. You see, socks seem to work just fine as long as they are accompanied by a pair of shoes... but I would like to say that socks don't have a chance at standing alone. Remember this.... "Well, put on some socks if your feet are cold!"... but seriously, does that warm any one's feet up wearing socks???!!! Not mine!

I think Eric is starting to believe my theory that socks only trap in the cold... after all, he gets to live with the test sample to this theory... and I must say, that at the end of the day, it's not a pair of socks that warm up these tootsies... it's him... and thank you Lord that you made one of us warm blooded!